Interior Field School – FRST 351 (Fall Camp) 

Saturday August 26 – Saturday September 2, 2017

Attention all Resource Management, Forest Operations, Forest Science Majors entering 3rd year in September 2017. You must attend FRST 351 this summer:

  • FRST 351 – Interior Field School (Fall Camp).
  • Integrative overview of the biological basis for forest management.
  • prerequisite for FRST 305 (Silviculture)
  • Introduction to 3rd year courses – Silviculture, Biotic and Abiotic Disturbances
Notes for 2017:
Due to the large class size, we have divided Fall Camp registrants into two field schools, under SSC course numbers FRST 350 (run by Dr. Patrick Culbert), and FRST 351 (run by Dr. Steve Mitchell). This website is for FRST 351.
With the ongoing wildlfire situation in the BC Central Interior, we have had to change FRST 351 to a Vancouver-based camp. In addition to the updated information on this site, we will communicate with FRST 351 registrants using the email that you put on your Departmental Course Registration Form. Please check this website for periodic updates.