I. Hand in a completed Course Registration Form and pay the course Field Trip Fee to Christine in the Forest and Conservation Sciences Department office – FSC 3041 between February 5 and 28, 2018. Late registrations may be charged a late fee of $50.  The Field Trip Fee has 2-components:

A. $50 cash deposit non-refundable due at the time you register with the Department.

B1. $775 cheque post-dated to July 15, 2018, payable to ‘UBC Forest and Conservation Sciences‘. (Write your student number on the back of the cheque).  The $775 cheque is non-refundable after July 15, 2018.

or B2. $775 cash balance due by July 15, 2018.

III.    The Faculty of Forestry Student Services team will register students who have registered with the Forest and Conservation Sciences Department for FRST 351 through the Student Service Centre, in July. You will pay the credit fees for a 2-credit course along with your Winter Session fees.


Note for 2018: Due to the large class size we may divide the group into a FRST 350 and a FRST 351 group. These camps will have different formats and potentially different costs. We will re-calculate our costs following camp, and will reimburse any surplus field trip fees. Please check this website for periodic updates.